Titled Interlusion, this new series combines my Artifact Color Series abstraction with a return to tromp l’oeil paint handling in the interest of capturing the subtle gradations of the veils of color as they arc and flow over the graphic composition of the Artifact Color Series with some transparency. It is a hybrid style adapted to capture the transparency effects and the multiple layers of the colors and their interactions. The grounding of the collage color study, a demonstration of phenomenal transparency, is re-informed by the layering of the veils and an introduction of literal transparency. I’m deciding how much transparency to introduce and in what areas I should preserve the chromatic intensity and more opaque colors of the objects. There is a feeling of landscape that is inescapable in that there is a sense of atmosphere between the object and the painted collage. It is the synthesis of imagination and dreamscape.

Study for Interlusion 37, 2021, Digital Montage 7.8 x 6 inches