Articles and Reviews

Martins, J. Fatima. Unfoldingobject at Concord Center for the Visual Arts, Artscope Online.

July 22, 2019 

Gardiner, Ginnie. The Enfolded: Collage Paintings by Ginnie Gardiner, Empty Mirror.

March 10, 2017

Ginnie Gardiner: In The Studio, Kolaj Magazine.

Touchon, Cecil. Collage: A Medium of Disjunction, Artsy.

April 2, 2016

Hartigan, Philip A. A View from the Easel, Hyperallergic.

October 4, 2016

Naves, Mario. Daughters of the Revolution: Women & Collage at Pavel Zoubok, City Arts.

August 25, 2009.

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Abbe, Mary. New York Painter Ginnie Gardiner exults in the ‘highly lucid charm of 18th century Venetian master Giambattista Tiepolo. Minneapolis/St Paul Star.

July 28, 2000

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Loney, Glenn. Ginnie Gardiner Talking With Tiepolo. Museum Notes – Curator’s Choice.

February 20, 2000.

Books and Catalogues
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Smith, Wendy. Ginnie Gardiner, a Revelatory Journey. Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis. 1999.

Exhibitions & Links

Scene 9+9/ Part 3 - 2021 HER POWER Global Female Contemporary Art Online Presentation. Special curator: Zhen Guo, co-curator: Wenling Zhao. 

March 8, 2021 - December 2021

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art, Ginnie Gardiner on Artsy

Ginnie Gardiner on the WAAM Artist Directory

Ginnie Gardiner: The Color Prophecies. Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY.

October 27 - November 25, 2018

Ginnie Gardiner at Casana Designs.

July 13, 2018

Podcast Interview. Artistic Inspiration, with Ginnie Gardiner. Savvy Painter Podcast

Ginnie Gardiner & Martin Katzoff: Conversations in Color, Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill NY.

January 27 - March 10, 2018

Hygge, Group Exhibition, Cross Contemporary Art, Saugerties, NY.

December 2 - January 16, 2018

Fresh, Group Exhibition, Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill, NY.

January 14 - February 25, 2017

Variations on Self, Solo Exhibition, Nisa Touchon Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM.

July 15 - 30, 2016

In Translation: Austin/Deem/Gardiner, 3 Person Exhibition. Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY.

May 27 - June 26, 2010

Ginnie Gardiner: Pavel Zoubok Gallery Archives. Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY.

The New Collage, Group Exhibition. Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY.

June 1 - August 12, 2006.

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Collage Clearinghouse, Group Exhibition. Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY, NY.

June 1 – August 12, 2006

Collage – signs and surfaces, Group Exhibition. Pavel Zoubok Gallelry, NY, NY.

April 21 - May 21, 2005.